The Global Experience

 The Global Experience is a festival that uses international wine/food tasting, visual/performing arts, and interactive discussions and activities to bridge the gaps that divide us. A portion of the proceeds benefited "The Royal By Nature" summer camp here in Philadelphia, and young women in Kenya fleeing female genital mutilation and arranged marriages. 

Clash of the Crowns 2

The Clash of the Crowns is an art inspired social and healing event that promotes healthy interactions among the opposite sex through games and live performances. This event was curated to spark dialogue and meaningful conversations around effective communication, establishing healthy relationships, achieving healing from negative past experiences as well as networking among professionals. 

SOUL (Sounds Of Upcoming Legends) Showcase Cypher

At the end of this amazing event the last artists (@EmotateMusic) invited some artists to join them.


All Juiced Up (Vendor)

I just wanted to thank you for having All Juiced Up at your event . I'm a brand new business owner and this was my very first vending opportunity; and as the host you set the bar extremely high. You were easy to contact before, during & after the event and I appreciate that, you event provided help unloading my car!

The space was AMAZING, you made sure we were fed, engaged the guest with a SOUL search that gave them a guide to talk to every vendor and you fostered a positive vibe and energy at the SOUL showcase. I'm so happy to have been apart of yesterday's event, thank you King.

Janina Simone (Artist)

The vibe was truly freeing and so supportive. It's something amazing when artists can come together and show nothing but love! That's a new experience for me in it's own. The love and support, nothing negative in the air. Everyone had their own flavor but we all jelled so well. I just love that! I'm so thankful for opportunities like this. Just to share and release and also listen and enjoy. It's bigger than we know. So beautifully dope!

LK Has (Artist)

Definitely the best show I've ever been to (100 emoji)! Always great artists and vibes. Thanks JR 

Nache (Guest)

 Last night was epic! You put together an amazing show... the (artists) were on point as always!  

Matt (Guest)

 I know it's early but I had to let you know you did an amazing job bro. Thanks for putting on for your community, city, for everybody. Major props can't wait to see what's next!

Afro Domincana (Artist)

 Thanks for all of your pieces I left so inspired! JR you are just so amazing for what you do. Thank you for bringing such amazing people together! I need to feel y'all energy again it was so genuine and lovable just so much love ugh I can go all day lol  

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