Bustlenomics & Dreamcatchers


Bustlenomics (business of hustling in economics) is a program that teaches young people how to set financial goals for themselves and their community. While raising those funds they strengthen their mathematics and 21st-century skills. The goal is to teach our royal future how to create their own opportunities and strive for what they want to see for the world and themselves. They also use those funds to fuel their dreams in the Dreamcatchers program. We teach young people to break down their "pie in the sky" ideas into manageable tasks. No dream is too big with the right plan. We encourage young kings and queens to start building their empire one campaign at a time. 

We use project-based learning with PA  common core standards to strengthen their mathematics, 21st century, and entrepreneurial skills. 

Cameras Converting Communities

This program teaches scholars the step by step process to conceptualize and develop their ideas into videos that get their message across. We've created PSA's, short films, and music videos to raise awareness for topics that matter to them. Our goal is to equip young people with a skill that can spark their interest in a career in technology while changing their communities for the better.  Here's a music video we created:

Adjusting My Crown

We infuse conversation into the visual, performing, and culinary arts to create a safe space for people to get back to their royal selves. We often partner with Hustlenomics 101 to prepare Royal Peace Packs to donate to homeless youth.

We've collaborated with several schools. Contact us today to do a workshop!

University of RAP

Our team mentors students while strengthening their math and 21st century skills through rhythm and poetry. We meet every Tuesday and Thursday at Gratz Prep. Contact us for more information.

Spread Love

From facilitation support to helping our young people reach their financial goals; your contributions will enable us to continue the work that we do. 

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